What is Blackjack Card Game?

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Blackjack card game is a type of gambling game. That is equipped with 1 card to play. In general, many people have the misconception that playing blackjack is about drawing cards and counting 21 points. In fact, this game has the real goal of beating the dealer by having rules. To make the total points from the cards to a maximum of 21 points. Or as close as possible to the number 21 and over five, which if the sum of the points of the cards exceeds 21 points, it will be lost immediately. However, participating in the game will have participants play on 2 sides, that is, the banker’s side and the player’s side. You have to score higher than the dealer and not let yourself go through 21 points, which explains the procedure in an easy-to-understand manner as follows. สมัคร UFABET

1. The gambler places a bet with the banker.

By placing a bet, that is the placement of money that we can receive if we lose the bet and it will be the same amount of profit that we bet as well. You can bet from 50 baht to 100 baht.

2. The dealer starts to deal the cards.

On the banker’s side, when he sees that the gambler has placed a bet, he will deal 1 card first, followed by his own card. In which every gambler will receive 2 cards each. Where the first card of the dealer will be placed to show the gambler. What points they have and the other card will be turned upside down. Not visible so that the gambler will begin to predict the points of the cards itself.

3. Player asks for more cards.

If the gambler calculates his card points and still has a total point that is far away from 21, he can calculate and manage his own risk and can draw more cards, but must calculate carefully because he has to decide which card next. Will draw up will come together and the score exceeds 21 or not. By drawing additional cards that can be done by 1 player at a time

4. The dealer makes a knockout.

We will have a rule of playing blackjack on the banker’s side. That is, the dealer will call the lowest total of 17 cards, so if the gambler does not draw more cards and holds less than the dealer It will be considered losing the dealer immediately.

5. Flip the game, win the dealer.

However, after playing for a while, but the player is satisfied to stop at 16 points. They can call more cards. During this time, it will be a chance for the banker to get cards and the total of points exceeds 21 or not. If more than 21 points on the side The player immediately wins overwhelmingly.