Vieira reveals Everton defeat Worst performance since accepting

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Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira said after the 3-0 defeat at Everton, he admitted it was his worst day since he took charge.

Palace have been excellent before this game with seven of nine points collected in their last three games. But this game, they hit three goals in this game.

“It was nothing but a bad performance for us today. We don’t play the way we are, we get satisfactory results. And make everything easy for Everton. It is a very bad team performance.” The UFABET report

“It was the first game that I felt bad about the way the team played. This game is incomparable with the past performance from the day I took charge of this team. Today we lose our identity. Can’t play against Everton They won us both the first ball. and the second ball We are inferior to them in all areas.”

“This game we deserve with the results we’ve done. We may need to change something. maybe not all We have something good that is fundamental to us. But some things need to be fixed, we lost this game, but it doesn’t convey the overall picture of the past. Because today we missed everything.”

The defeat left Palace 12th in the league and just four points clear of relegation after 11 games.