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The game is called Blackjack card game. It was invented or originated in France by a group of gamblers named Vingt-et-un. A gambling game that means 20 and 1. Or in combination with 21 that was the origin of the rules. Play blackjack itself, but in many bureaus say that the game of blackjack has its origins in Italy because it has a card game that counts the card count of 7.5 and goals and other basic playing rules that They are similar enough. Or some say that blackjack is from Spain. Because there were playing cards that used 31 as the winning point of the blackjack game of that era, around the 1800s. However, the origin of the game of blackjack may not be clear. But Nowadays, blackjack card games are being develop and become the most popular in online casinos around the world. สมัคร UFABET


Online blackjack card game for real money It’s not different from other card games. As for the strategy of playing blackjack. There are basics that can be used to play. It is not much different for both online casinos and live casinos. There are only 2 sides, namely the player side and the dealer side. The majority of online blackjack players fall into the trap of having to score 21 blackjack cards in order to win. But the technique of placing bets on online blackjack cards. This is unbeatable in the long run. But the technique that will make you profit is to combine the card points that if the player holds close to 21 max, you will be the winning player in blackjack online blackjack online. not difficult