Rules for betting on Tiger Dragon online card game

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The main rules for gambling in casino gambling games Dragon Tiger online card game What everyone needs to know is each side You will receive only 1 card from the dealer on each side. Emphasize that only 1 card on each side, so do not confuse it with other card games and this 1 card will be the decisive factor. Which side will be the winner? by measuring the results from The card points that appear on that card, which is the highest point? It will only become a winner.

Payout rate of online tiger dragon card game

In terms of payout rates of online tiger and dragon card games, there are 3 types:

  1. Dragon

is to bet that The dragon side will be the winning side. The payout ratio will be 1:1.

  1.  Tiger

is to bet that The tiger’s side will be the winning side. The payout ratio will be 1:1.

  1.  Tie game

It is a bet that the tiger’s side and the dragon’s side will be a tie bet. The payout ratio will be 1:8.


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