Klopp is disappointed Liverpool lose Identify good play without score

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits he feels the worst After a 1-0 defeat to Nottingham Forest in the Premier League , they are 11 points behind leaders.

Liverpool have their worst start to the Premier League in years. And they lost to Premier League rookies for the first time in 16 games against rookies in the league each season. And it was the third defeat of the first 11 Premier League games.

“It’s the worst feeling ever. It was a big disappointment. I can’t figure out why we lost this game. I really think like this. It was a day when we did a good job, but that’s it, we didn’t get the results we wanted.”

“We came here, we want to win three points. If it’s normal then we should be able to do it.”

Liverpool have had a problem with many injured players. And that leaves them with considerable constraints in managing the squad, and Klopp admits that is one of the main contributing factors to the team’s problems. The UFABET report

“We got here we needed consistency in terms of performance. But we have six games in three weeks where all the important games are waiting for us. with a limit on the number of players We can’t change teams much. But we still fight We should show more consistency. We have to make it Today we come to win that’s the goal But when we can’t We have to give credit to Forest.”