Juventus discuss salary deal with Vlahovic.

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Juventus is negotiating a new contract with Serbia striker Dusan Vlahovic. The important detail is the wage figure.

Tuttomercatoweb, an Italian media outlet reports that. Darko Ristic, Vlahovic’s representative has arrived in Turin, Italy to negotiate a new contract with Juventus. Who want to extend the contract with the striker. Number 9 goes out again ทางเข้า UFABET

According to the details of the current contract. Vlahovic will see his salary increase to €12 million per year. Only during the last two years of the contract. This means that the new numbers will start from July next year. That is one of the areas that Juventus wants to change.

Juventus considers the club unable to afford such high wages. Therefore looking for a way to negotiate with Vlahovic’s representative to reach an agreement on a new contract. That besides extending the period for another 1 or 2 years. Also wants to adjust the salary figure down to 8-9 million euros. year too.

Vlahovic, a 23-year-old striker is a highly-anticipated €80m transfer from Fiorentina in January 2022, aiming to replace Cristiano in goal. Ronaldo who left for Manchester United.

However, his scoring performance over the course of one and a half seasons in the first two seasons was 23 goals in 63 games in all competitions. Which is considered not very impressive and although the 2023-24 season started well, scoring 4 goals in the first 4 games. But now has not scored in 6 games in a row.