Gerrard said goodbye to Villa, regretted not as he had hoped

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Stephen Gerrard released a statement After being sacked by Aston Villa on Thursday night,

the Reds legend had a difficult start, with his first 11 games losing six and the final straw was Defeating Fulham 3-0

, the 42-year-old boss issued a statement. After being sacked by “Leo” he said:

“I would like to thank everyone associated with Aston Villa Football Club for the support provided during my time there. The UFABET report

After the final whistle a brief statement from Villa confirmed that Gerrard had been dismissed “with immediate effect”. A club spokesman added: “We would like to thank Steven for his hard work and commitment and wish him well for the future.”

“I would like to personally thank the board, the players and all the staff for the hard work

. But I owe you a debt of how you welcomed me to the club. And continues to push the team continuously during difficult times.

Having initially given no details around Gerrard’s sacking, Villa have now elaborated. Chief executive Christian Purslow, the man who hired Gerrard last year, said: “The board has come to this decision following a full evaluation of results and performances over the calendar year.

“Aston Villa is a club with a special history. I want to bring back the success of those memories. But unfortunately it’s not like that. I wish everyone at the club the best in the future “SG” .