For a simple way to teach how to play Dragon Tiger

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For teaching how to play Dragon Tiger in a simple way   , it starts from understanding the steps of betting on the game first. Because if we know the steps in the game betting process When we enter the real betting room everything in the betting room It will definitely be able to proceed smoothly. So what are the steps for betting in the gambling room? Let’s see.

First of all is to choose the betting room that you want to bet on. Then enter the betting room. will appear a window with The dealer is in the middle of the betting table for us. then let us choose which side to bet on In which the selection of the betting side, there will be 3 cases, namely, bets on the tiger’s side are the winner. The bet on the dragon side is the winner. Or you can choose to bet on the tiger’s side and the dragon’s side as a tie.

When choosing a side, then put the chip or the amount of the bet that we want to Put it in the box of the side that we have bet on. Then the dealer will deal cards to each side. Then open the cards of each side to see that Which side has more points? will become the winning side

So I would like to briefly summarize about the method. Teaching how to play Tiger Dragon is simple   : choose the betting side place a bet Then wait for the chance to win money back home. Let’s go.

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