‘Courtois’ Votes Ballon d’Or not seeing goal

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Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has criticized the voting system for keeping the goalkeeper from winning the Ballon d’Or.

The Belgian national team goalkeeper finished seventh in the voting results announced earlier this week and won the Lev Yachin Award for his performances last season

. often overlooked Even helping the club to succeed in winning the trophy

“There is no good goalkeeper. You’re not a champion Awards in football Sometimes we forget about it,” said the Belgium national team. The UFABET report

“People will vote for strikers who score faster than a goalkeeper, that’s too bad, but we’ll continue to show that. Goalkeepers are very important.

“You win La Liga and you win the Champions League, your team wins thanks to your saves… and you only finish seventh. The truth is that I see it as impossible. In the top 10, there wasn’t even a single defender. At least this year they have invented the trophy for best goalkeeper.

“Modern goalkeepers are no longer just saving goals, in Madrid I also had to start the game. It was me who passed the first ball and decided how we would start attacking. Or how do we get out of the pressure of our competitors?”

“You are almost a playmaker these days. Goalkeepers are more important than you might think.”