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Juventus discuss salary deal with Vlahovic.

Juventus is negotiating a new contract with Serbia striker Dusan Vlahovic. The important detail is the wage figure. Tuttomercatoweb, an Italian media outlet reports that. Darko Ristic, Vlahovic’s representative has arrived in Turin, Italy to negotiate a new contract with Juventus. Who want to extend the

Madrid ready to pursue Alphonso Davis next summer.

Real Madrid plans to hunt for Alphonso Davis next summer if the player refuses to sign a new football contract with Bayern Munich. Marca reported on Sunday that. Real Madrid plans to sign Alphonso Davis from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2024 in a

Gundogan admits Germany’s confidence is in crisis.

Ilkay Gundogan revealed that the German national football team I’m not having confidence. And was in a state of mental battle with himself after losing to Japan completely. Germany lost to the Samurai 1-4 with goals from Junya Ito, Ayase Ueda, Takuma Asano and Ao Tanaka. While

Marchena congratulates Sergio Ramos on returning to his old home.

Sergio Ramos returned to his old football club Sevilla this summer. Earning congratulations from old friend Carlos Marchena. Former Spain defender Carlos Marchena has congratulated his old friend Sergio Ramos on his return to boyhood club Sevilla. After signing a one-year contract last week. According to

How to drink coffee to be good for health?

It is well known that coffee is a popular drink with a bitter yet mellow and delicious taste. That cannot be found in other beverages. It is also beneficial to the body. And the price is accessible. The kind that can drink every day comfortably. In addition

Great benefits from Ginseng.

Korean ginseng a good body nourishing herb that has been dubbed “King of Herbs”. Because only the tip of a small root but with many benefits to the body. Whether it’s nourishing the brain, nourishing the blood, increasing power, increasing sexual performance for men. And many more as rumored. But

The benefits of cinnamon.

The English name Cinnamon and the Japanese name Chinanamon (シナモン). Health that Japanese people are very interested in. Let’s know the benefits of cinnamon. How to eat easily and precautions when eating. The benefits of cinnamon. Cinnamon contains free radicals called proanthocyanidins. Which is the most powerful antioxidant among polyphenol

Benefits of “Bananas” that you may not know.

Bananas have many other uses. that you may not know yet. Let me tell you that Thai people are extremely lucky. There are many varieties of bananas, good taste and still very cheap. Until you can eat it regularly without hurting yourself too much. 1. Banana… just smell it

What is Blackjack Card Game?

Blackjack card game is a type of gambling game. That is equipped with 1 card to play. In general, many people have the misconception that playing blackjack is about drawing cards and counting 21 points. In fact, this game has the real goal of beating the