Benefits of “Bananas” that you may not know.

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Bananas have many other uses. that you may not know yet. Let me tell you that Thai people are extremely lucky. There are many varieties of bananas, good taste and still very cheap. Until you can eat it regularly without hurting yourself too much.

1. Banana… just smell it and feel satisfied

Seeing that bananas have sugar Anyone who is on a diet may be afraid whether to eat or not to eat well. In fact, we recommend eating bananas. But if there is someone who is really concerned about sugar We recommend picking up a banana to “smell”. Yes, just smell the banana. When you’re hungry, pick up a banana and smell it. Smelling certain foods when hungry may cause the brain to understand that we have eaten that food One of these foods is bananas. UFABET After smelling, you can give it to your friends to continue eating. (but if you can eat bananas We recommend eating it.)

2. Strengthen fitness people

Used to force myself to exercise despite who haven’t eaten yet? with time in a hurry. Whether running in the morning or go to the gym in the evening. I don’t even have time to eat, wait for it to digest, and then go exercise. Otherwise, the gym closes early. If you don’t want to be dark It is recommended to eat 1 banana before exercising. Provide energy that can be used immediately without having to wait long. Because are considered the secret to increasing the power of many athletes as well.

3. Diet when you compress bananas

As I said, bananas are the true friend of people who want to diet. If you don’t have any medical conditions, what the doctor ordered, do not eat. We can eat bananas with all kinds of food. Banana with cereal in the morning with yogurt in the afternoon. Bananas in the evening salad Pure ripe 1 hour before exercise. A medium-sized banana provides 110 kcal, with 30 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. Although it contains some starch. But if you eat in moderation. These powders will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Not hungry in the near future like other fruits and vegetables that are easily digested after eating. Then we’ll get hungry soon. Were you together?