Say goodbye to office syndrome say goodbye to pain!

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Office syndrome is a group of muscle pain. and myofascial pain syndrome, including pain or numbness from inflammation of the tissues and ligaments caused by using the same muscles for long periods of time over and over again By having a negative effect on the body causes muscle inflammation Pain occurs in various organs. Especially in the neck, back, shoulders, arms and wrists, these pains It can spread and become chronic pain. These symptoms are often found in people of working age in offices. or people who work using computers and mobile phone regularly

Office syndrome doesn’t only occur among people who work in offices. But it also happens to groups of athletes. and workers as well Because both of these risk groups It is a group that works by using muscles in a repetitive pattern on a regular basis, with details as follows:

Group of office workers

           This group of people works in the office. There isn’t much physical movement. This causes a high risk of Office syndrome because of daily living habits. I don’t use my muscles much. There is only sitting, standing or remaining in the same position for too long. Such as looking down while using a mobile phone. Staring at the computer screen for a long time Sitting and working without getting up Various muscles In that area, the same moves are use repeatedly. Until it may cause tension. and pain can follow 

Groups of athletes and workers

           in the group of athletes And laborers are also at risk of Office syndrome. Which may be cause by improper movements of the muscles or bones, such as lifting objects in the wrong position. Excessive exertion Pulling muscles too quickly or carrying heavy objects causing acute injury or chronically in the muscles and bones

Solving problems to say goodbye to office syndrome forever

Adjust your working posture appropriately: By sitting upright, leaning on the back of a chair. Bend your head slightly, feet on the floor, knees and elbows perpendicular. The neck does not extend forward, the shoulders do not lift. As for the table or chair, there is no need to buy expensive things. The important point is to adjust your posture appropriately. 

Move more often: A technique ทางเข้า ufabet would like to recommend is to try setting a timer every 20 minutes to remind yourself to move your body. Such as rotating your neck, moving your arms, shoulders, and stretching your muscles. Or you can still walk to the bathroom .

Exercise regularly: It focuses on increasing flexibility and building muscle strength, such as neck stretching exercises. By using your right hand to touch the left side of your head. Then stretch the neck muscles to the right, etc. If done regularly In addition to helping reduce muscle pain, It also reduces the chance of recurrence. 

Manage your own emotions and stress: And get enough rest If work is so overwhelming that you think you can’t take it anymore. Try finding your own way to relieve stress. Such as listening to music, watching a series, taking a warm bath, meditating, or lighting a scented candle to relax.